Book Review: The Hidden Legacy


Title: The Hidden Legacy

Author: Christine Rees

Published: December 15th, 2016

Publisher: Evernight Teen 

Genre:  Young Adult, Fantasy

My Rating: ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆  ☆ /5

“You are an incredible person. You must remember that, right? You are most definitely not evil.”


The curse of premonition follows Faye Lithyer, forcing her to witness death—over and over again.

When Faye moves in with her grandmother in Astoria, Oregon, her visions grow stronger. Faye watches a new friend fall victim to a murder in the not-so-distant future and becomes obsessed with preventing it from happening. However, Faye’s insecurity has her undecided whether she should tell her friend about their impending death or hunt down the murderer before it’s too late.

Faye will be faced with an epic choice that threatens to expose her abilities. Will she choose to save her friend from a monster or risk becoming one herself?


Disclaimer: *This book was provided in exchange for an honest review. The review is not manipulated by any means.

I was hooked by the story of the book the moment I finished Chapter 1. I fell in love with the story the moment I was in the middle of the book. I was thirsty for more by the moment I finished it.

It wasn’t like other books where it would grab your attention after reading a couple of chapters. This book actually got me reading for more the moment I was in the middle of Chapter 1. It made it hard to take my eyes off the screen to rest from reading.

I loved the way the author build the story. The way the events turned out and the play on characters. The consistency of turn in events is what got me hooked the most.

The uniqueness of the story made it fun to read. Especially because I’m a fan of the Percy Jackson books and the Mortal Instruments. This book also has those characters with abilities or “curses” but the author didn’t use the ordinary kind of characters instead, she used a brainstormed kind of characters. Especially their ancestral information.

The ending will surely make you want to read the sequel as soon as possible. It will make you want to pre-order the sequel as soon as it is available.

Overall, it was a story that I have taken an interest of. I love the fresh concept that the author used. The characters will sure get you connected to them. If you’re a fan of Rick Riordan or Cassandra Clare, then this book is for you.

Share your thoughts below.

About The Author

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Christine Rees is a 23-year-old Western University graduate and Sheridan College alumni, YA book writer and lover of all literature. Also an admitted movie junkie, brunch enthusiast and cat lady, Christine spends her free time writing books with a cat nestled on her lap. Her first novel, The Hidden Legacy, is available now!


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